Super remote (XE series)

Integrated transponder Greater stability and reliability

  • Universal wireless remote with an embedded cloneable super transponder
  • Support generating various wireless remote types including:
    11/12/13/7935/7936/48/4C/4D/4E/8A/8C/8E etc.
  • Integrated design, ultra-stable and reliable
  • Wireless programming, Reprogrammable

Xhorse Super Remote XEKF20EN, Knife Flip, 4 Buttons

Xhorse XEKF20EN Super Remote  Knife Flip 4 Buttons Built-in Super Chip Super Remote 4-Button..


Xhorse Super Remote XEKF21EN, Knife Flip, 3 Buttons

Xhorse XEKF21EN VVDI Super Remote BMW StyleThis is a new universal super flip remote key from Xhorse..


Xhorse Super Remote XELEX0EN, Toyota/Lexus Flip, 3 Buttons

Xhorse XELEX0EN VVDI Super Remote Lexus Stylewith XT27A01 XT27A66 ChipWorks for VVDI2, VVDI MIN..


Xhorse Super Remote XEDS01EN, DS Style, 3 Buttons

Xhorse Super Remote DS Type XEDS01EN The XHorse Super Remote is a universal wireless remote ..


Xhorse Super Remote XEMQB1EN, MQB Style, 3 Buttons

XHORSE SUPER REMOTE MQB TYPE XEMQB1EN as we have xhorse super chip , we have now super rem..


Xhorse Super Remote XEFO01EN, Ford Style, 4 Buttons

XHORSE XEFO01EN Ford Style Flip 4 Buttons Super Remote Key Built-in Super Chip as we have xhors..


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